The Entrepreneur’s Tax, Strategy, and Accounting Bootcamp

//The Entrepreneur’s Tax, Strategy, and Accounting Bootcamp

The Entrepreneur’s Tax, Strategy, and Accounting Bootcamp

Your friends at Accounting Play are at it again. This time we've created a Tax, Strategy, & Accounting course for your business to help you get to your first $125,000 profit. Check out the FAQ below for more information, and be sure to subscribe to our bootcamp-specific updates to stay informed and help us make the course most useful for you.

Why is the course titled Zero to 125K?

Having a $125,000 profit, in a preferably location-independent business, being your own boss, and hopefully finding some satisfaction in your work is a serious accomplishment. At this range of earning, there is a ton valuable tax, strategy, and accounting knowledge that can help you on your journey.

Why not just pay a coach or certified public accountant to assist in these important needs in the early stages?

This course is designed to provide maximum bang for your buck. In early stages of business, owners can rarely afford luxuries like a coach or CPA (take it from me, I've been there). Very few advisors offer affordable, impactful hourly advice. Most are too busy and therefore charge too much and early stage entrepreneurs rarely have the foresight, budget, or access to proper help.

What can I expect?

You can expect the most important and concise general tax strategy and accounting information that has been refined over a decade of experience in this area.

Who should sign up?

Those with companies or looking to start companies that meet the following criteria would stand to benefit most:

-Looking to take business to the next level

-Years 0 to 4

-Interested in starting a business

-Embracing basic technology

-USA-based taxpayers


-Self-learners and self-starters

Why is the audience so specifically defined?

As a concise course aimed for maximum impact across important topics, the audience must be ready to implement and benefit from the content covered in the course to be useful. An accounting book may be 1,000 pages, but an early entrepreneur should likely commit to memory only 20 of these pages. The rest is distraction. Allow us to show you the most important things.

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