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John Gillingham is a CPA living in San Francisco California. He owns his own CPA firm, makes creative learning tools, and consults. He designs Accounting Play products to be fun and helpful. Please email him directly with any questions, support at AccountingPlay.com. All of your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Let us know how we can better help you learn accounting!

I am a History Major from UCSD turned CPA after passing those darn exams on the first time. But it was not always easy for me – I had to take financial accounting three times and eventually received a Masters in Accountancy at Sacramento State while working for a local CPA firm. Accounting Play is made to make learning accounting fun, visual, and valuable. More of my story here.



Accounting Play products By John Gillingham

iOS App: Accounting Flashcards

iOS App: Accounting Play – Debits & Credits

iOS App: Tarjetas de contabilidad

iOS App: 财务报表附注

Kindle Book: Accounting Illustrated Dictionary

Illustrations are hand drawn by Courtney Quirin

artist and journalist:CourtneyIllustrates.com.