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Accounting Play – Debits & Credits teaches the accounting equation with an iPhone & iPad game. Debit and Credit coins to learn, study, basic accounting and training. Play against the world as you learn. Study materials to learn the equation, debits & credits, journal entries, and accounting theory is included for free. Whether you are studying for the CPA exam or taking your first accounting course, Accounting Play will help you learn in a fast and fun way

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Accounting Flashcards includes a translate button for English, Chinese, and Spanish.

Learn financial accounting using beautifully illustrated flashcards, coordinated lessons, and rich audio. Whether you are an aspiring CPA or IFRS expert, use this accountancy app to reach your goals. Even an aspiring chartered accountant or those reaching for the CPA Australia can benefit. Topics of accounting standards, equation, terms, ratios, and more are covered. Quiz Game

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Accounting Quiz – Designed to teach, not trick! Ace your exam or sharpen your professional knowledge. Almost 700 unique accounting questions with PDF available inside with questions, answers, and explanations. Learn accounting and finance concepts fast and fun using contents from lessons covered in the Accounting Flashcards App. Dial in exactly what you want using the TOPIC button.

Accounting does not need to be so boring! Test yourself with what you want, when and where you want. TOPICs to choose from: General Principles, Account Types, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Debits & Credits, USA Business Entities, Statement of Shareholders’ Equity, Statement of Cash Flows, Depreciation Methods, Bonds, Bookkeeping, Ratios, and More! UNLOCK ALL for the best value or unlock one level at a time.

Financial Ratio Flashcards

Learn about finance and accounting with over 100 flashcards coordinated with video, audio, and traditional lessons. Covering the following ratio types: liquidity, profitability, debt, solvency, operating performance, cash flow, and valuation.

All ratio cards covered: Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Cash Ratio, Times Interest Earned Ratio, Profitability Ratios, Profit Margin Gross Margin, Effective Tax Rate, Return on Assets, Return on Equity, DuPont Formula, Return on Capital, Employed, Debt and Solvency Ratios, Introduction, Debt Ratio, Debt to Equity Ratio, Equity Ratio, Capitalization, Cash Flow to Debt, Operating Performance Ratios, Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio, Sales or Revenue per Employee, Operating Cycle, Cash Conversion Cycle, Account Receivable Turnover Ratio, Accounts Payable Turnover Ratio, Inventory Turnover, Cash Flow Ratios, Operating Cash Flow / Sales Ratio, Free Cash-Flow / Operating Cash Ratio, Cash-Flow Coverage Ratio, Price/Book Value Ratio, Earnings per Share, Price to Earnings per Share, Price/Earnings to Growth Ratio, Price/Sales Ratio, Dividend Yield Ratio, Dividend Payout Ratio, Enterprise Market Value


Financial Ratio Flashcards

Write Off App

App for Entrepreneurs to Learn Tax Savings, Structure Right, & Grow Their Business with an Easy Game. A player chooses a character and plays each round against an opponent answering questions and learning on how to structure a business right, pay less tax, and more along the way. It is a fun and interactive way to learn all you need fast!


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Learn Accounting Debits and Credits

Learn Debits and Credits

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