Know Your Numbers and Taxes

APP: 041 Entity Selection for Small Business with Bend Law Group, series I of III – With Doug Bend

This episode kicks off our three-part series with the Bend Law Group. I was joined by Doug Bend to talk about business entity structures and tax implications. Doug’s specialty is entity formation, helping business owners figure out what type of legal structure makes the most sense for their business. His firm’s clients range from hardware [...]

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APP: 037 TaxBestimates – Startup World of FinTech

APP: 037 TaxBestimates – Startup World of FinTech My guest this episode is Sammy Soto from TaxBestimates. We discussed the FinTech startup world. That stands for “financial technology,” in case you’re wondering. TaxBestimates is built to work for the individual taxpayer the way that other tax software really only works for business customers. It’s all [...]

Roth IRA Secrets

Why Roth IRA Secrets? I am a Certified Public Accountant, tax-guy, and all around Roth IRA fan. Many people don’t know about the benefit of the Roth IRA and those that do often are not taken full advantage. This writing is big picture and designed to give you enough information to continue on to the [...]

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