Learn Debits & Credits With Mobile Game

Choose Play Mode and Difficulty

You can choose the play mode on the home screen. There are three play modes: 1 T-account, 2 T-accounts, and 4 T-accounts. Turn on all three play modes for a fun challenge. You can also select from three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. This will determine the questions that will be displayed.

Score Based Challenges

Challenge yourself and get the highest score.The Debits & Credits app will help you learn entries and accounts. Choose whether the transaction is a debit or credit before the time runs out. You can turn the timer off on the home screen. A hint appears on the bottom of the screen when you answer incorrectly. You can turn off the hints on the settings screen.

Study Materials Included

Study materials for the accounting equation, debits & credits, journal entries, and accounting theory are included for free. You can access the nine slides of study materials from the home screen.

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