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Power Hour $125

  • Limited time offer! One time phone call to get you in the right direction
  • Get your business tax and accounting questions addressed fast
  • Get your business tax and accounting questions addressed fast

1 Month Entrepreneur Coaching $495

  • Get 2 coaching calls and Unlimited Email Support to get your tax and accounting questions answered
  • Screen share so we can see what you are looking at
  • Learn how your financial statements impact you and your business
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Start your business strong or get a new refreshed perspective

Small Business Bookkeeping $125 per MO with Tax Return Prep Packages available

  • Get 3 coaching calls, Unlimited Email Support, and fully reconciled accounting
  • Tax returns fully prepared and planned for starting at an additional $500
  • Have professionals ready to answer questions, provide impactful services, and improve your life
  • Focus on your business!

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What others are saying

his is my first year of working with Gillingham CPA. At first I was a bit hesitant to try a tax preparation service from this firm because it is not a cheap option, but we always get what we pay for! I am very glad I used Gillingham CPA and will be coming back next year.

He is very thorough, detailed, and super straightforward which I personally highly respect in people. This is the firm I can trust and know they would do a great job at taking care of my finances. John Gillingham also gave me some very helpful and knowledgeable tax and investment advice.

Kris H.
Gillingham CPA is a breath of fresh air, providing creativity and thoughtful financial advice in all realms. Over the past few years I have had a variety of needs, from basic tax preparation to bookkeeping for a business in constant transition, and as I have expanded and contracted in my needs, Mr Gillingham and his team of talented folks has met every requirement. John loves to solve problems, he makes accounting concepts easy to understand, and has become a close ally for all my tax and financial planning needs.
Grayson S.
When it was time to upgrade from the Liberty Tax guy around the corner, we turned to Gillingham CPA. They have now successfully wrangled a few years of complicated taxes for us (multiple jobs, businesses and real estate). Even more valuable, they have helped transition our small business from outrageously colored google doc financial records, to legitimate bookkeeping using Quickbooks. John is patient and thorough. Beyond just doing the taxes, he has given me tools and knowledge that is invaluable.
Max B.
John and his team are the best!

I sold tech stock and needed help with my taxes. John is always available to jump on a call with you. He explained all the basics to me, patiently and in an easily-digestible way. He and his team are super organized, worth the peace of mind, and FUN to work with!

Would highly recommend!

Lucy D.
As someone that has little to no knowledge about taxes (and finances in general), I have to say that John has been a revelation. He was the perfect CPA to handle not only my taxes, but my fiance's, and our small side business's taxes as well. He's super chill, yet very meticulous and thorough. And he is always happy and willing to educate us or advise us. We always come out our calls with him having learned something new. I would definitely recommend him if you have a small business, are working in tech and need to deal with stock options, or want a cool, young, hip CPA to learn more about your finances.
Rj S.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much for a tax return?

Special deals are extended to Small Business Bookkeeping clients and can be discussed.

Can I just hire you as a CPA?

Yes. You can see the following links and fill out the contact form if it seems like a fit.

Terms and Details

Bookkeeping and tax return engagements will be determined by standard engagement letters

Coaching offerings are educational in nature and to not constitute tax advise or preparation

Refund Policy

No refunds for the Power Hour once the session concludes.

1 Month Entrepreneur coaching if cancelled after the first call, we will refund 1/2 the total price paid.

Small business bookkeeping cancel any time with a full refund if there is not a good fit after the first call.