2101, 2019

Using TurboTax to Prepare Your Own Tax Return

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A CPA recommending TurboTax? Absolutely. I am a former user and so impressed with the software. TurboTax offers incredible opportunities for employees and even very small business owners to save money in tax return preparation [...]

1712, 2018

Bookkeeping Tips from a CPA

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Many people want to work in the bookkeeping business, but quality bookkeeping is extremely rare. Why is that the case? Because it’s easy to underestimate the difficulty and complexity of producing proper accounting documentation. QuickBooks [...]

1911, 2018

Bangkok Business Trip: Visiting Pransform

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Welcome to Bangkok! Accounting Play is on yet another journey to discover the latest trends not only in accounting app development, but outsourced solutions. Meet Pransform – a Thailand-based company that focuses exclusively on assisting [...]