Know Your NumbersTM

An online course that teaches you how start and grow your business right. How to get the right structure, better cash flow, and pay less taxes.

  • Protect assets with strategic planning
  • Understand what business numbers actually matter
  • Prevent beginner mistakes and accelerate growth
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Designed for USA-based entrepreneurs in their first 3 years of operation. Pre-income up to $125K profit.

The course will show you the tax, accounting, and motivational ropes of getting your business up and running.

Gillingham CPA

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Who is this for?

Fit is extremely important to consider when signing up for Know Your Numbers.

  • Income < 125K
  • Side Hustle Businesses
  • Year 0 to 3 Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs With Contractors or Small Staff
  • Coaches, Consultants, Online Businesses, Content Creators
  • More Advanced Entrepreneurs Seeking to Empower Decision Making

Why 125k?

If you are profiting over $125,000 in your business we suggest you take the course and reachout regarding our custom consulting packages. Allow us to assist in building your advisory team. Having a narrow focus allows our course to have maximum impact.

Ideal candidates are consultants, coaches, or online businesses without inventory. We cover inventory in our Advanced Entrepreneur course because it adds another layer of complexity.

If you’ve got a side hustle (a small business you’re running on the side while keeping your day job), then we can help you, too. Starting slow and on the side is a great approach to minimize your initial risk and build up to success, and we’ll happily walk you through the process.

Decades of experience distilled into one online course.

We call this a course package because it encompasses what we teach and provide our entrepreneur clients at the Gillingham CPA firm, all for a fraction of the cost.

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Get Ahead of the Game!

1. KYN30

Start off with a 30-minute, 30,000-foot view of the course. Use this as a quick start guide to understand the essentials before diving into each module more deeply.

2. Distilled Version of CPA Services

We’ve whittled down the onboarding and education process of Gillingham CPA and put it into an easy to digest format.

3. Flexibility

There may be elements that apply to you sooner or later than other businesses. We’ve designed the curriculum to allow you to jump to any material you need to at any point.

4. Modules Follow the Entrepreneurial Cycle

Our modules are structured chronologically, covering the transition from your day job to full-time self-employment, all the way through product development, profit, and tax planning.

5. Navigate Common Issues and Solutions

The course is designed to give you a strong knowledge base and to help avoid the typical pitfalls of early entrepreneurship. From there, you can more intelligently research issues and topics specific to you.

Master Course That Teaches You How to Get:

  • the right structure
  • better cash flow
  • pay less taxes



Excel Templates

  • Profit and Loss
  • Rental Property
  • Taxes Paid
  • Example Accounting Excel Financial Statements, and more


  • Accounting Cheat Sheet
  • Learn Accounting Differently, and more


  • Accounting Play Podcast Archive covering lessons, legal interviews, and travels
Welcome to Know Your Numbers 6 min
Using the Site and Course Resources 6 min
Know Your Numbers in 30 Minutes 21 min
Entrepreneurship, this course, and Get Ready!
Intro – Business Knowldege is Power 6 min
Who is John Gillingham CPA and Why Does This Course Exist? 2 min
Why am I an Entrepreneur and Know My Numbers 4 min
Different Business Types and Where KYN is most Relevant 5 min
Self-Employed Income, Paying Tax, and Audit Basics 32 min
Hierarchy of Client Needs 4 min
Advisors 31 min
The Idea 13 min
Mindset Matters 4 min
Planning for Success and Challenges with Passive Income 3 min
Excel Basics 26 min
Pro organization = Pro results 11 min
Entities 25 min
Starting Up and Getting Paid 17 min
Taxes and Payroll 19 min
Financial Statements 16 min
Retirement Accounts 11 min
Income Smoothing 43 min
bootstrappers welcome