Learn Accounting Debits & Credits

Learn Accounting Debits and Credits

Learn Accounting Debits & Credits

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Debits & Credits are the heart of the accounting system. Master them to pass your class. Use them to manually adjust books and records. Accounting software does not know everything, so debits & credits allows professionals to make corrections and book in important entries such as depreciation, amortization, and contributed assets.

After this course, I want you to:

  • Learn accounting debits & credits increases and decreases across the main accounts
  • Use debits & credits for journal entries, financial statements, and bookkeeping
  • Learn the language of accounting: Accounting Equation, Financial Statements - Such as the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and more

This stuff is hard, but I am here to guide you step by step using your eBook and recommending innovative optional app resources. Come and join me on this journey with Accounting Play and learn this technical concept once and for all.

About the concept: Debits and credits form the foundation of the accounting system. The mechanics of the system must be memorized. Once understood, you will be able to properly classify and enter transactions. These entries make up the data used to prepare financial statements, such as the balance sheet and income statement. While software has simplified entering daily transact Save ions, debit and credit entries are always recorded in the background.

Ebooks for you:

  • Learn Debits and Credits Today

  • Accounting Cheat Sheet

  • Accounting Equation and T-Accounts

  • Debits and Credits Diagram

  • Asset T-Accounts

  • Asset and Expense T-Accounts

  • Intro to Learn Accounting Flashcards

  • Learn Accounting Flashcards Tutorial

  • Learn Debits and Credits Quick Intro

  • Tutorial for Learn Debits and Credits

  • Asset and Contra Asset Transactions

  • Liability Transactions

  • Equity Transactions

  • Revenue Transactions

  • Expense Transactions

  • Basic Transactions 2 T-Accounts I

  • Basic Transactions 2 T-Accounts II

John Gillingham is a CPA and Accounting App Developer in San Francisco, California. Check the iOS App Store for Accounting Flashcards and the Debits & Credits Game. On Android: Learn Accounting Flashcards. Also on Kindle and iBooks.

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