Learn Financial Accounting Different

Learn Financial Accounting Different

Learn Financial Accounting Different

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Learn accounting fundamentals from financial statements to business structure. Accounting Play makes educational materials for first year accounting students and professionals. This eBook has links to audio narration of lessons and videos on the site. This resource can be used to gain an understanding of concepts and help you through your accounting course. First year professionals can use the material to focus on trouble areas or to study up if assigned new responsibilities. Excel and PDF downloads, practice sets, and video explanations are available online at AccountingPlay.com .

Financial accounting courses vary significantly in the content covered, so it is best to pick and choose which Accounting Play resources fit best into the curriculum. Some instructors have a bookkeeping focus and cover debits and credits extensively, in which case you can benefit from the game: Accounting Play, Debits & Credits. Check out iOS Accounting Flashcards or Droid Learn Accounting Flashcards. Other teachers focus more on the end results of the financial statements, in which case financial statement lessons and flashcards can help. Cards can be bookmarked and are coordinated with lessons so you can dive deeper into key terminology as needed, without the 300 page textbook in your pocket.

Download materials for this course:

  • Learn Accounting With Lessons, Audio, and Video

  • Accounting Cheat Sheet

  • Mp3 Narration

  • Using Accounting Review 20 sec

  • About

  • Why Learn Accounting

  • Introduction, Accounts, Financial Statements

  • Standards, Entities, Analysis

  • Accounting Methods

  • Cash Basis

  • Accrual

  • Business Types and Sole Proprietorship

  • Partnerships and Flow-Through Businesses

  • Corporations

  • Small Business StructureTips, USA

  • Small Business Tax Tips, USA

  • Intro to Financial Statements

  • Intro to Income Statement

  • Intro to Balance Sheet

  • Intro Other Statements, Relationships, and Preparation

  • Intro to Debits and Credits

  • Debits and Credits Increases and Decreases

  • Debits and Credits Entries

  • AUDIO ONLY – Debits and Credits Rap

  • Debits and Credits Rap Explained

  • App trilogy

  • Downloads

John Gillingham is a CPA and Accounting App Developer in San Francisco, California. Check the iOS App Store for Accounting Flashcards and the Debits & Credits Game. On Android: Learn Accounting Flashcards. Also on Kindle and iBooks.

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