You need books.... fast! That means accounting. Profit and loss statement please as soon as possible. Here I will talk how the pros and rather, hacks, do it. We will layout the options from sloppy to choppy to a hoppy result.

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Get some real paid advice. This is educational only.

These are the techniques employed at CPA firms from the street basics to more proper methodologies.

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Maybe you quit your job and started consulting? Now you are scared as it is now April 10th and you owe big money.

Here are the options:

  1. Estimate and pray with guidance
  2. CSV and compile
  3. Quickbooks Online + outside additions
  4. Full service
  5. Pulling it all together
  • Don’t manually enter
  • Get excel files
  • Push up to QBO
  • Categorize
  • Have an accountant patch up a journal entry