Brought to you by Write Off – the iOS app to save you business tax money! In rapid fire format today we are looking to get you or your friend as a small business owner actionable strategies in regards to:

SBA Loans 2020 – Possible 6% rate, 6 months paid, 10 year term on 7a loans

COVID survival strategy – Unemployment and awareness of all government programs whether forgivable loans (PPP with original June 30th deadline), paid leave, EIDL lending (emergency lending), or anything new.

Tax strategy – Use of your possibly lower income brackets, IRA planning, goal setting.

Let’s discuss:

SBA Loans 2020

  • Amazing new preferable terms
  • Get it now and re-pay early if you do not need

COVID survival strategy

  • Get what you can and are entitled to as the future is unknown
  • Stay lean and keep employees in revenue generating roles
  • Business is now and competition is always

Tax strategy

  • Ensure your write-offs
  • In low income years consider accelerating income using IRAs
  • Make sure you know if you are or are not paid in
  • Under $50K the IRS has pretty generous terms on tax debt
  • Pay yourself first and think of your family even if it is a family of one

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John Gillingham, CPA