APP: 031 Accounting Ratios IV: Debt, Solvency, Performance

Debt and Solvency Ratios Audio Debt and Solvency Ratios   Topics Introduction Debt Ratio Debt to Equity Ratio Equity Ratio Capitalization Ratio Cash Flow to Debt   Introduction Solvency is the ability of a company to meet its long-term financial obligations. This ratio group is concerned with identifying absolute and relative levels of debt, financial [...]

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APP: 030 Accounting Ratios III: Liquidity, Profitability

Liquidity Ratios Audio Liquidity Ratios   Topics Introduction Current Ratio Quick Ratio Cash Ratio Times Interest Earned Ratio   Introduction Liquidity ratios measure company’s ability to meet its short-term obligations (liquidity). Understanding liquidity is important because it shows the degree to which a company can be expected to pay creditors (or suppliers, via accounts payable), [...]

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APP: 029 Accounting Ratios II: Benefits, Users, Standards

Benefits and Limitations Audio Benefits and Limitations   Topics Benefits Limitations Balance Sheet Income Statement Industry Specific   Benefits Financial ratios are designed to provide users of information useful metrics to evaluate business activity and health. The results provide a quick and consistent methodology for digging into somewhat complex data and providing helpful insights to [...]

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APP: 028 Accounting Ratios I: Intro

Using Financial Ratio Flashcards Audio Using Financial Ratio Flashcards   Topics Using Financial Ratio Flashcards   Using Financial Ratio Flashcards Financial Ratio Flashcards is an iOS app that covers the most important financial ratios using both flashcards along with written and audio lessons that cover ratio analysis, calculation, and key points. Accounting, finance, general business, [...]

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APP: 026 Get an Accounting Job

Connect with your accounting peers and teachers Accounting is a profession of people, not living calculators. Connect with your serious classmates by working together and assisting each other at every opportunity. Successful career accountants are constantly connecting and giving their knowledge whenever possible. You should be on a first name basis with every instructor along [...]

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APP: 025 Learn Debits & Credits

This Podcasts focuses on the Learn Debits & Credits eBook which includes printable worksheets.   Free for subscribers and blog readers HERE On Amazon for $2.99 HERE Free video course to coordinate with eBook HERE I was over debits & credits but realized you need to learn them if you have a test to pass or [...]

APP: 024 Cheat Sheet for Accounting

After 10 revisions, Accounting Cheat Sheet and Kindle Version (paid) is out. Time for a release party! Well not quite yet. If I had a release party for every release, I think I would never get any work done. The Cheat Sheet is seven pages of accounting goodness that you can print and there is also another [...]

APP: 022 Top 10 Accounting Study Tips

In this particular episode, you will learn Accounting study tips not only to help you learn more, but understand why you are learning it John, CPA, from Accounting Play here to share some tips on how to win at your accounting class. Here is my top 10 List: Listen to this on the Accounting Play Podcast [...]

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