Discovering Accounting Teachers’ Utopia: AAA CTLA

The American Accounting Association’s (AAA) Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA) focuses on Accounting Pedagogy in the academic environment. It features a weekend of sessions prior to the main event and also appears in the main conference. It is organized around keynote speakers, panels, poster-sessions, and round-tables that explore teaching strategy. Major themes [...]

AAA For Your Accounting Career – CPA Entrepreneur’s Take on the World’s Largest Accounting Jamboree

The American Accounting Association (AAA) is one of the most important U.S. - based accounting societies with a global reach. They aim to “shape the future of accounting through teaching, research and a powerful network.” After attending their annual meeting, I can attest firsthand that they are true to their word. Yes, I am a [...]

APP: 040 AccountingSuite, Music Artists Using Accounting, Tour Vans, Merch Tables, FinTech, Value Added Software

APP- 040 AccountingSuite, Music Artists Using Accounting, Tour Vans, Merch Tables, FinTech, Value Added Software In this episode, part of our FinTech series, my guest is Kurt Kunselman, Sales and Marketing Director at AccountingSuite. Yes, he’s an expert in accounting software, but his background is in the music industry, which makes for a pretty interesting [...]

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APP: 039 Xero, Accounting Software, Bookkeeping Job, FinTech, Value Billing, FinTech

Xero, accounting software for small business owners and accountants. Today we are exploring value billing, student hacks into an accounting job, and another peek into the FinTech world. Welcome the hottest player on the accounting block: Xero, maker of online "beautiful software." Joel Lecayo has been generous enough to offer great insights for accounting professionals [...]

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APP: 038 FinTech, Webgility, Value Billing & So Much More

More FinTech excitement, San Francisco entrepreneurship, and value billing for accounting companies. Please join us as we take a deep dive with Rob McGrorty, a recovering accountant turned Product person. He’s developed an aversion to overly complex systems and now spends his time creating simplicity and automation from chaos. Starting his career at KPMG, that same aversion [...]

APP: 036 Job Interview For Accounting 1st Years & Beyond – With Bobby

Accounting job interview tips and a practice interview Resume download: HERE Accounting Resume Downloads to come. Please enjoy the Job Interview For Accounting 1st Years & Beyond - With Bobby - As we take a deep dive into: First year accounting job interview tips Insight into interview flow for any accounting or finance professional Practice [...]

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App: 035 Tax-Aid Career & Karma Boost

About the Podcast Tax-Aid is a non-profit that provides free income tax preparation services to taxpayers earning less than $53,000. This amazing organization provides a wonderful service to underserved individuals and communities. For the inspiring and professional tax preparer, the organization provides a resource to help others, and as we will learn on the Podcast, [...]

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