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Discovering Accounting Teachers’ Utopia: AAA CTLA

The American Accounting Association’s (AAA) Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA) focuses on Accounting Pedagogy in the academic environment. It features a weekend of sessions prior to the main event and also appears in the main conference. It is organized around keynote speakers, panels, poster-sessions, and round-tables that explore teaching strategy. Major themes [...]

Teacher Binder and Powerpoints

The Accounting Play Teacher Binder and Powerpoints are here! We've got just what you need to start your year off right. Use these materials in-class for intro lessons and to jump-start the class on the Accounting Play apps. Teachers Subscribe HERE * indicates required Email Address * By using the binder, slides, and our app [...]

AAA For Your Accounting Career – CPA Entrepreneur’s Take on the World’s Largest Accounting Jamboree

The American Accounting Association (AAA) is one of the most important U.S. - based accounting societies with a global reach. They aim to “shape the future of accounting through teaching, research and a powerful network.” After attending their annual meeting, I can attest firsthand that they are true to their word. Yes, I am a [...]

Accounting Play Way Syllabus: 1 Month to Accounting Knowledge

Accounting Play Way Syllabus: 1 Month to Accounting Knowledge Crush Your Exams   |   Learn the Language of Money  |   Understand Business Download the PDF Here   App Materials Accounting Flashcards (AF):    iOS   |   Android Accounting Quiz Game (AQG):    iOS   |   Android Lessons, illustrations, video, & audio Questions to teach, not trick Debits & Credits Game [...]

Golden Study Hours – CPA & Big Goals

CPA Exam Success Commitment to vision and time to pass the exam. Golden Study Hours Understand how little time you have, and how to make it golden. Free Downloads Golden hour calendar - PDF Golden hour calendar - XLS Multiple choice exam booklets - PDF Multiple choice exam booklets - XLS Split page for notes - PDF Split page for [...]


Hi, Welcome to all of the students and teachers using Accounting Play materials in the classroom. I really appreciated it and look forward to your unfiltered feedback. All of my PDF books and audio inside are free to those taking an accounting class or anyone you wish to share this with privately. Scroll down and click links [...]