I would like to extend a warm thank you to Pat Flynn, of the Smart Passive Income Blog. He has inspired improvements in every aspect of my business, including my accounting game: Accounting Play - Debits & Credits for iOS.

Smart Passive Income sounds like the kind of thing as a CPA I would normally run away from. Seems like it could be something on letterhead, sent in the mail, requesting for your bank account and social security number. But no, Pat Flynn is actually an entrepreneur that produces a tremendous amount of fantastic content centered on how to make money online legitimately. His knowledge in this area stems from his own popular information products such as LEED exam prep and becoming a security guard. I would recommend Pat to anyone curious about improving online presence for any business, not just the passive info business.

Everything is Online

Increasingly, consumers are online for every purchase from CPA services to mops on Amazon. Having the best product alone is not enough to cut through the clutter and information proliferation on the web. Pat emphasizes always to create great content or products centered around the user, then work on attracting more people. After two years of developing Accounting Play apps and resources, I am out of my shell and wanting feedback from users. Pat expertly broadcasts his message and products mostly for free. I would like to share a few inspirations and areas that directly benefit Accounting Play and all of the users.

Thanks Pat For...

Your podcast – I found your Smart Passive Income Podcast and instantly devoured hours of information. Not only did this lead me to your other free resources, it inspired my own podcast. “The Accounting Play Podcast.”

Your podcast tutorials on YouTube – In all of my naiveté, I thought I would simply upload audio files to itunes: Nope. Proper podcasting requires steps in general order: great content, good audio, album art, audio tagging, intros, media hosting, site hosting, SEO optimization, and finally submission to iTunes. All of this works culminates in one magic RSS link. No doubt this set of videos saved me at least eight hours of time and headache.

Your kindle book Let Go – This is my purchase, resulting in the total $2 to Pat. Pat interviews several Kindle experts that helped me publish my own book: The Accounting Illustrated Dictionary.

Information Covered in Podcasts:

  • Importance of good SEO by blogging regularly with significant content
  • Explanations of recommended WordPress plugins
  • Social media expertise
  • Genuinely connecting with your audiences
  • Challenges of outsourced development
  • Importance of a team
  • Affirmation of work-life balance
  • Transparency in online business

I aim to provide tremendous value to Accounting Play users and think that Pat has really expanded the way I can reach and impact my audience. Thanks Pat!