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Accounting Play - Debits & Credits: 24

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Accounting Flashcards for iOS

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Really useful app! I love it!

For those of us that doesn’t have Accounting knowledge is wonderful to rely in this cards. I know is for kids, but for me is great… I’m 50!


我对这个应用程序的发现和购买感到非常满意,因为它让我随时随地查看。我特别喜欢它的插图和翻译功能。我想任何会计学生都可以从中受益, 但我使用它之后也提高了我的商务英语,请继续保持更新。

Gaming the Numbers

I like how you they take the notion of traditional accounting and turn it into a fun mobile app (with multiple languages!) It is enjoyable to learn and expands the use case beyond just the desktop or bring textbook. I think there is potential for it to grow further and help people learn accounting through gamification.

Breakthrough learning!

I was really struggling with learning accounting. My head was going to explode with all of the different terms. Then I found this app! What a lifesaver. Learning through fun flash cards is so much easier. Now I’m acing my exams.

Best app of its kind on the market

I love using this app. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Absolutely worth the download!!!

Big changes

Happy to see cards now coordinated with lessons

Best Accounting App!!!

Love this app. Actually makes studying accounting no boring! Candy crush for t accounts


Learn Accounting Flashcards for Android

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I like, I like to learn accounting Happy to find an app to help me learn accounting, especially accounting equation. Thanks for putting in the work.
Learning in my pocket I like the accounting flashcards and audio lessons for on the go.
Fantastic app to learn accounting ery helpful.
Awesome app If you are looking for help with accounting or bookkeeping, mske sure to have this app. The best app for learners
I am impressed with the amount of illustrations, audio, and video jammed into this app centered around learning accounting. I learned a ton about debit and credit, accounting equation, and statements. Compared to a textbook this costs almost nothing. Thanks for the great resource.