Top ten lessons learned on Kindle and year to date results, $38 and counting!

Please, please… I insist – Google: Learn Accounting. You will see the Accounting Illustrated Dictionary appear on page 1 of Google. Thank You!  This is due to the overwhelming support of this very, very small mailing list that is friends and family. If you have not reviewed yet on Amazon please do. Lots of reviews have been hidden due to the Amazon blocking reviews – presumably because it is the only review that a lot of people had.  On Amazon: The Accounting Illustrated Dictionary.

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Top 10

1. Paid promotion worked for free kindle – but was it worth it?

*I received one five star review from the free promo outside of people I know
*The $100 of paid promo resulted in 1,682 free downloads

Free downlods Learn Accounting with the Accounting Illustrated Dictionary

2. Kindle promo better for SEO than actual money?

*Getting Accounting Play to rank on google is so valuable
*It is clear that I made some good key word title decisions
*The Google algorithm respects amazon, apple store, and podcasts highly

3. Only $38???

*Yup. Only $38… Maybe it is because I am not in the right amazon niche

2 weeks Learn Accounting with the Accounting Illustrated Dictionary

*Spanish and Chinese version also launched with no purchases to date
*Amazon is crowded and these days requires direct marketing

4. Time, time, time

*I estimate about 100 hours of total out the door time for promotion, cover design, and Kindle formatting
*Core content was already established and not included in the 100 hours!

5. Editing and being “done”
*I am proud to say that this is a final edit on the content and beautiful imagery that is Accounting Play
*Content is cleaned up and now ready for Android version

6. The learning intangible
*Formatting is difficult, but now I know
*Also I understand the Amazon algorithm better and strategies around the market place
*This sets the course for the next e-book that will accompany a course

7. Email marketing is not that hard
*My first ever email marketing – using Mail Chimp

8. Learned the market better
*I see great potential in a proper launch of a book that addresses a serious need
*E-books have tremendous potential with link imbedding and rich functionality

9. Ebooks are part of the SEO and branding “net”
*With all the noise out there, it requires multiple platforms to be heard. This is one.

10. Validate and talk to people
*Who wanted illustrated accounting flashcards with animals on them? Very few :  /
*Students want to pass their class and adults want jobs – Stay tuned for more

Thanks so much!

On Amazon: The Accounting Illustrated Dictionary.