Accounting Play Way Syllabus: 1 Month to Accounting Knowledge

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App Materials

Accounting Flashcards (AF):    iOS   |   Android

Accounting Quiz Game (AQG):    iOS   |   Android

  • Lessons, illustrations, video, & audio
  • Questions to teach, not trick

Debits & Credits Game (DC):    iOS   |   Android


PDF Materials

Learn Debits and Credits (LDC)

  • Build financial statements and adjust with debits & credits


Cheat Sheet   |   Podcast   |     eBooks as Needed   |   |   Financial Ratios & Analysis

Welcome and thank you for learning with Accounting Play. The weeks and materials are recommended, but use your own interest, abilities, and time to judge what works best for you. Don’t be scared that things are taking too long. This is a second language and it will take time and effort to learn. Any questions or suggestions please email


Week 1 - Intro

AF lessons & Flashcards: Using, About, Why, Intro, Standards, Methods

AQG: Super basic I topics, AF content only – Practice the questions

Podcast or Blog: Golden Study Hours – respond


Week 2 – Accounting in Business

AF lessons & Flashcards: Cash Basis, Accrual, Business Types, Partnerships, Corporations, Small Business, Intro to Financial Statements

AQG: Bit harder II topics, AF content only – Practice   |   Podcast or Blog: Pick a Career article - respond


Week 3 – Financial Statements

AF lessons & Flashcards: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Other Statements

AQG: Bit harder II topics – Practice   |   Podcast or Blog: Pick an Entrepreneurship article - respond


Week 4 – Financial Statements Continued, with intro to Debits & Credits

AF lessons & Flashcards: Debits and Credits Increases and Decreases and Entries

AQG: All topics – Practice the questions

DC: 1 and 2 T-Account Upgrade – Practice   |   Podcast or Blog: Pick a Tax Education article - respond

LDC: Learn Debits and Credits PDF download, print worksheets - work through


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