Find out what it takes to start a retail shop in San Francisco with Problem Library... Can a self funded with precious objects, passion, and a unique store vision with no web presence survive in 2016?

Join Accounting Play, with host John Gillingham and Entrepreneur Grayson Stebbins as we chronicle the emotional, relationship, and financial costs of a real live business. We will dig in on everything from permitting issues to emotional object attachments to accounting.

In this episode…

  • Living, literally, in your business
  • Mixing work and lifestyle pleasure
  • Challenges with leases, legally operating, and tax drama
  • Explore the lender of last resort: the IRS
  • Accounting issues associated with retail businesses
  • Thinking of working from profit goals back up to revenue
  • What could have been done differently?
  • Can a business sustain when open only six days a month?

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