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APP: 037 TaxBestimates – Startup World of FinTech

APP: 037 TaxBestimates – Startup World of FinTech My guest this episode is Sammy Soto from TaxBestimates. We discussed the FinTech startup world. That stands for “financial technology,” in case you’re wondering. TaxBestimates is built to work for the individual taxpayer the way that other tax software really only works for business customers. It’s all [...]

APP: 025 Learn Debits & Credits

This Podcasts focuses on the Learn Debits & Credits eBook which includes printable worksheets.   Free for subscribers and blog readers HERE On Amazon for $2.99 HERE Free video course to coordinate with eBook HERE I was over debits & credits but realized you need to learn them if you have a test to pass or [...]

APP: 024 Cheat Sheet for Accounting

After 10 revisions, Accounting Cheat Sheet and Kindle Version (paid) is out. Time for a release party! Well not quite yet. If I had a release party for every release, I think I would never get any work done. The Cheat Sheet is seven pages of accounting goodness that you can print and there is also another [...]

Thanks for this: Google Learn Accounting

  Top ten lessons learned on Kindle and year to date results, $38 and counting! Please, please… I insist – Google: Learn Accounting. You will see the Accounting Illustrated Dictionary appear on page 1 of Google. Thank You!  This is due to the overwhelming support of this very, very small mailing list that is friends [...]

Accounting Illustrated Dictionary on Kindle – Goal updates

The book: http://amzn.com/B00RJE688I The Free Promotion Stats year to date: 1/18/2015 Kindle paid rank: #91,931 Paid / Kindle unlimited downloads: 10 / 8 Reviews: 2 Countries: USA, Japan, England, Germany Average / Total Royalty: $1.77 / $16.92 30 day site sessions / organic search: 56 / 3 Subscribers: 73 Promo emails sent: 150 Apps reviews for [...]

Thank You Pat Flynn – the Smart Passive Income Blog

I would like to extend a warm thank you to Pat Flynn, of the Smart Passive Income Blog. He has inspired improvements in every aspect of my business, including my accounting game: Accounting Play - Debits & Credits for iOS. Smart Passive Income sounds like the kind of thing as a CPA I would normally run [...]

Accounting Illustrated Dictionary on Kindle – 10,000 Free Download Goal

10,000 Free Downloads Goal - Accounting Illustrated Dictionary on Kindle By John Gillingham, CPA Get your copy here: http://amzn.com/B00RJE688I Free: January 20, 2015 to January 24, 2015 Stats year to date: 1/8/2015 Kindle paid rank: #400,940 Paid downloads: 3 Countries: USA, Japan, England Average / Total Royalty: $1.77 / $7.10 Site sessions: 36 Subscribers: 1 [...]