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APP: 043 Financing for Startups with Bend Law Group, series III of III – With Alex King

Welcome to the wild world of financing for San Francisco start-ups! This is the conclusion of our three-part series with the Bend Law Group. I was joined by Alex King to talk about small business financing from Idea to Unicorn (a billion dollar company). Alex’s ideal client at Bend Law is a small business owner [...]

APP: 042 IP Protection for Small Business with Bend Law Group, series II of III – With Tucker Cottingham

This is part two of our three-part series with the Bend Law Group. This time I was joined by Tucker Cottingham to talk about intellectual property and brand protection for small businesses, from the small shop to big start-up dreams. Tucker and team just launched the standalone BLG Trademarks website, and he’s been working on [...]

MVP – Minimally Viable Product and Accounting Play Apps

    FULL AND UNCUT! I am counting the views! "30 sec" version below https://AccountingPlay.podbean.com/mf/web/edhg96/2015-11-19MVPbyaCPAWEBHIGH.mp4   in "30 sec"   https://AccountingPlay.podbean.com/mf/web/usrm2q/30SecMVPbyCPAre-recordaudio.mp4 Follow Along: https://accountingplay.com/blog/ Direct Link: http://tinyurl.com/pdm93qn CREATIVE REVIEW COMPETITION : D Review any app or Kindle book... snap a screenshot and post to facebook or twitter to win a Grand Prize! @accountingplay | https://twitter.com/AccountingPlay facebook.com/AccountingPlay WIFI: [...]

APP: 038 FinTech, Webgility, Value Billing & So Much More

More FinTech excitement, San Francisco entrepreneurship, and value billing for accounting companies. Please join us as we take a deep dive with Rob McGrorty, a recovering accountant turned Product person. He’s developed an aversion to overly complex systems and now spends his time creating simplicity and automation from chaos. Starting his career at KPMG, that same aversion [...]

Accounting Play Guarantee

The Accounting Play Guarantee: If any product does not meet your expectation, email us with the subject title “Refund” along with a receipt equivalent and we will refund you via PayPal. Please let me know  how we can do better, Support at AccountingPlay.com. Limit one product refund per household. Please give us a week to process [...]

FAIT – Fight Against Internet Trolls – Review Wall of Shame

What is an internet troll you might ask? Leaves 1 star review with no explanation Lots of spelling errs Haters, Haters, Haters Why would I take the time to display the 2% of bad reviews on my own website? Well it is cheaper than therapy and maybe there is even some humor in this. Check [...]

Accounting Play FAQ – Target audience, lessons learned, and future partners

Who is your target audience? First year financial accounting students use the three apps as a class supplement. Another large portion are studying for professional related exams and improving skills for their accounting career. How big is your audience? Big enough to start a college. Are the flashcards available in other languages? Yes, the flashcards [...]

App Icon Decision for Accounting Play

The best learn accounting apps are here: Accounting Flashcards & Lessons, Debits & Credits Game, and the Accounting Quiz Game... But how to make the icons look cool? How can you make anything accounting cool, useful, and succinct. App icons gotta be interesting to push, like, hey "install this" and at the same time I want [...]

Financial Ratios and Analysis: Including the Accounting Illustrated Glossary

Announcing my new book! As always - my subscribers get hooked up, check it out for FREE HERE and please let me know how we can do better for you.   Please also review on AMAZON Financial Ratios & Analysis is a book based upon the App, Financial Ratio Flashcards. Both the book and app [...]

Accounting Play Way Syllabus: 1 Month to Accounting Knowledge

Accounting Play Way Syllabus: 1 Month to Accounting Knowledge Crush Your Exams   |   Learn the Language of Money  |   Understand Business Download the PDF Here   App Materials Accounting Flashcards (AF):    iOS   |   Android Accounting Quiz Game (AQG):    iOS   |   Android Lessons, illustrations, video, & audio Questions to teach, not trick Debits & Credits Game [...]