APP- 040 AccountingSuite, Music Artists Using Accounting, Tour Vans, Merch Tables, FinTech, Value Added Software

In this episode, part of our FinTech series, my guest is Kurt Kunselman, Sales and Marketing Director at AccountingSuite. Yes, he’s an expert in accounting software, but his background is in the music industry, which makes for a pretty interesting case study in the accounting needs of small businesses. How do performing artists do their accounting? What kinds of financial and business know-how do musicians need to have? It turns out that the musician’s merch table is a broadly informative case study in running a small business and good accounting practices.

In college, they called Kurt “the rock ’n’ roll accountant.” He started learning this stuff in high school, and he got his college degree in accounting, though he worked as a bass player and music entrepreneur. This episode goes to show that accounting isn’t the buttoned-up business people might think it is. Even rockstars need good accounting.

In this episode…

  • Why small businesses needed new accounting software (and why AccountingSuite was it)
  • What even a small, cash-in-cash-out business can gain from keeping good books
  • What any small business can learn from a touring musician’s inventory and accounting management
  • What is an “entreprenartist?” (Hint: If you’re an artist, and you’re serious, you are one.)
  • How to account for merchandise (buying inventory is not an expense!)
  • How Kurt talks musicians into learning to use AccountingSuite
  • The specific ins and outs of how musician-businesses set up their AccountingSuite
  • What kinds of business entities should musicians have?
  • The secrets of “merch table” businesses, from musicians to surf shops
  • The business of accounting software itself, and how “SAAAS (Software As An Accounting Service)” works
  • What is the deal with SleeterCon/Accountex and the bella vita of accounting software industry conferences in Vegas?
  • What accountants are here on Earth to do: grow companies







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