More FinTech excitement, San Francisco entrepreneurship, and value billing for accounting companies.

Please join us as we take a deep dive with Rob McGrorty, a recovering accountant turned Product person. He’s developed an aversion to overly complex systems and now spends his time creating simplicity and automation from chaos. Starting his career at KPMG, that same aversion quickly made life at a Big 4 dissatisfying.

He left that life behind to found a subscription-based advisory company where he simplified operational complexities and enabled rapid-growth companies to succeed. In short order, his company assisted more than $50M in fundraising across nearly a hundred growing companies, and ushered in two successful exits. Looking for a new challenge, in early 2015 the company successfully made a strategic exit.

Now, as the head of Product at Webgility, he’s again focusing on improving overly complex systems and processes for Commerce companies. Rob is driving Webgility`s product strategy to improve the way small businesses and small enterprises deal with some of the most frustrating challenges in Finance, Accounting, Logistics, and Compliance.

"You can find him on twitter and medium @robmcrgrorty, or on linkedin at"

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