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Let's get real SF for a minute - Because we invented this. Please have your cellphones and computers on and out for the presentation. Get drinks & food as needed, but please save questions for the end of the presentation. Note that this will be recorded and posted online.

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What is it?

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to get here… From Boston, to 6th street San Francisco Tenderloin, it is greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to my biggest fiscal sponsor, whether the know it or not, Professor, my mom… and my biggest emotional supporter, QA tester, 5-star review hero and girlfriend.


2014-3-10 Facebook AF I


This is the story of Accounting Play – The Best Way To Learn Accounting In The World – But this is also the story of all the other businesses that helped me along the way… Over 20 people… 3 years and 3,000 hours of real human life. Graphic designers, devs working in unknown conditions abroad, illustrators sketching into the wee hours of the night, graphic designers in Indonesia & the former USSR, translators in Spain & Singapore… ex-pats living in China giving out terrible advice at $8 an hour and it goes on… Accounting Play has never been a one man show – and I am grateful for all of the help along the way.




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This story is one of business… trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents and California love - or rather, California Dreamin'

CQ Manpreet









Illustrator and Journalist: Courtney Quirin                      Dev Team, Punjab Region


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The Legendary C@#$#





In this room alone… there are over 20 businesses that have been present tonight. Special thanks to the sponsors – Tiny Home Music AKA shake your peace AKA Gabe Dominguez, Bay Bucks, WeWork, Drexel Productions, and the delightful provider of the after-party fries and Champagne – the Fine Mousse. This evening is the result of our joint efforts. I insist that everyone meet each other, exchange numbers, and do some business – because that is what accounting is all about: Business.

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Team II !


Each and every individual and business matters… every user matters… as we will see!



MVP by a CPA how a CPA (me) – Certified Public Accountant – produced a Minimally Viable Product… For those not entrenched in the vernacular of “Unicorns” – “Pivots” and “Funding” “failing fast” “scalability” let me please give a very brief intro –


(Initial Capital Contributions for Accounting Play)




The idea behind a minimally viable product is creating the most stripped down version of a product that may actually be sold and then adapting the product around core users needs – the core users that can actually pay…


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Unicorns – See my socks. The particular unicorn is blasting pink rainbows into the sky… and the silicon valley unicorn is not so different – Big money as in billions… thin Uber, Google, Facebook…


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hitting it out of the park. Accounting Play has never been a unicorn in the classic sense, but it is my unicorn, my… personal unicorn…

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Pivoting – I start selling accounting apps and end up selling an educational platform for fitness instructors… that would be a pivot – and exemplify what an iterative business is – start with one thing and end with another.


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I chased the study of money so hard… that is seems to have run away… and in this chase I feel like I could SEE numbers… SEE debits and Credits – in strange, unique, and powerful ways… What if I could help others… save 1 hr of time for !!! 50,000 students!!! In Espanol! En Chinese! UP UP UP The story of the best, most engaging, technologically driven, creative, AND cost effective way to learn accounting…






So I wanted to make accounting more visual…





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Working with CQ



Domestic dev experience

I "did it" !!! (not really) : http://accountingflash.com/

$10,000 & 500 hrs Later – I FAILED


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Roommate Inspiration... I can do it too!

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